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    Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    Date: March 16, 2022, 8:30am – 10:30am
    Non-Member: $35.00 Member: $25.00
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    Breakfast Briefing
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    Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

    Tolerating sexual harassment in the workplace not only jeopardizes the victim’s mental, physical, and emotional health, it has a bottom-line impact on our organizations.  Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to absenteeism, loss of productivity, turnover, and legal costs that are due to sexually harassing behaviors in the workplace.  Join us on March 16th as our VP of Legislative Affairs, Vince Camacho will refresh our understanding of the laws preventing sexual harassment and provide training on identifying harassing behaviors, how to prevent the occurrence of these behaviors, and what to do if these behaviors are reported in your workplace. 

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    Vince Camacho, Esq
    SHRM Guam VP of Legislative Affairs













    SHRM Guam has announced that a special 30-minute bonus feature will be added to its upcoming March Breakfast Briefing.  Frequent lecturer, Shawn Vee, will join Attorney Vince Camacho as a presenter for the March Breakfast Briefing.  At the conclusion of the annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, Vince will hand it off to Shawn who will lead a discussion of the definition of sexual harassment, including some conduct often not identified as sexual harassment.  Shawn will also discuss the impact sexual harassment has on the victim/survivor as well as on the morale of those not directly impacted and the trickledown effect that can greatly impact the work environment. 

    Shawn Vee, M. Ed., is an educator, advocate, and researcher.  As the founder of Consent Matters, LLC, Shawn provides workshops revolving around consent, cultivating safer work environments, and interpersonal violence awareness and prevention.  Working with universities, non-profits, and companies of various industries, Shawn teaches the merits of cultivating a culture of consent.  Her pedagogical approach exposes participants to the fact that consent culture in the workplace isn’t only conducive to maintaining their employees’ personal sense of safety, it also has a direct impact on boosting team cohesion, employee engagement, morale, and productivity.