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    Recruitment - Attracting and Retaining Employees Speaker: Dr. Colfax and Shaun Murphy

    Date: March 9, 2016, 8:00am – 10:30am
    SHRM Guam Chapter
    Westin Resort Guam, Somnak Room
    Event Type:
    Breakfast Briefing
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    How are you attracting new talent?  Your ability to attract the right applicants, identify the top talent and secure the right people for your company will determine the quality of your workforce and ultimately the products or services you supply. 

    The competitive labor market means that employee retention will become a critical challenge for employers now and in the future. Employers need to be creative about how they go about attracting people.  Do you represent your company well at all times?   The importance of linking attraction, recruitment and retention strategies and activities to the direction of the organization and its values and vision is vital.

    This session provides an overview of attracting talent using current strategies such as social media, selection of staff to meet business requirements and tactics to retain employees.

    The course will cover:
    - The human factor and how to get the best from candidates
    - The recruitment cycle and what comes next
    - Preparation for selection activities and sourcing the best talent
    - What talent branding is and why it matters
    - Equal opportunities and reasonable adjustment
    - Types of interview, when and how to use them
    - Understanding how to retain your talent  

    At our last breakfast briefing the GCC Apprenticeship Program was a highly talked about subject and drew an interest from the membership.   Therefore we are bringing in Rowena Perez to conduct a brief presentation on what the Apprenticeship Program can offer your company.

     Please bring your questions or concerns to the Breakfast Briefing.