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    Human Resources Strategic Planning for 2016

    Date: February 3, 2016, 8:00am – 10:30am
    SHRM Guam Chapter
    Westin Resort Guam, Somnak Room
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    Breakfast Briefing
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    HR is at a cross-roads and has an enormous opportunity to make a difference. 

    Status quo and playing safe no longer works. To keep up with the change, there is much discussion about redefining and reinventing what HR is and does. These are important conversations but they often forget that, to the individual just trying to get a job done, recreating HR seems impossibly overwhelming. It sounds nice, but often appears disconnected from daily work. How do we meet rising demands while staying focused on today’s job? 
    That’s the importance of strategic HR. No matter who we are, no matter where we are, no matter job title or career stage, we can all find ways to do even better, to be bolder. Whether you’re a Director of HR who wants to completely reinvent the HR function at your organization or you’re just starting out in your career and trying to learn the fundamentals, you can be bolder, play bigger, and create even better results. 
    All levels and career stages from entry level up through HR executive will benefit from this highly interactive workshop. Participants will:

    • Understand what strategic HR is (and what it isn’t).
    • Learn what it means to practice strategic HR and the impact it has on employees, managers, and business results.
    • Look at all areas in HR to improve in and how to do that.
    • Create a specific, practical, action plan to create even better results right away.

    8:00am : Welcome Remarks, New Member Acknowledgement
    8:10am : Breakfast Breifing Sponsor: GTA
    8:15am - 10am
    HR Strategic Planning 2016

    1. Overview: What does being strategic mean for today's HR Professional? - Presenter: Dr. John Rivera, University of Guam
    2. SMART Goals -   Presenter: Larry  Gamboa, University of Guam & Rose Morales, GTA 
    3. HR Audit/Compliance Presenter: Larry Gamboa, University of Guam & Rose Morales, GTA
    4. Training & Development - Presenter: Daphne Leon Guerrero, Docomo Pacific
    5. Employee Morale Presenter: Shaun Murphy, Outrigger Guam Beach Resort
    6. Wrap up - Q&A   - Presenter: All SHRM Guam board members